How can I make F16, F17 as a key of "(" and ")" (remap key)

I want to remap F16 and F17 to another simple character such as "(" and ")" but I can't
When I set the key, It appears just "⇧9" or "⇧0" (it's work only with eng language but when I change the language it doesn't work anymore) How can I remap key to the simple character?

Keys don’t ever map to characters, they map to other keys. Each key on the keyboard generates a code or signal that is specific to that key or combination of keys, and the signal is fixed. How that signal gets interpreted by a system or a program or whatever can be changed, which is what happens if you were to select a German keyboard layout, for example, instead of an English one.

Therefore, you need to map your key to whatever combination of keys you would normally press in order to type an opening parenthesis. On my UK keyboard layout, one holds down and presses 9, therefore I would need to map my desired key combo to the shift modifier key and the “9” key. Therefore, you will need to map to…whatever your keyboard layout is set to.

Note that, if I establish that mapping I just described, and then at some point decided to switch my keyboard layout to, say, a CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) layout—which I think doesn’t have an opening parenthesis readily accessible, or likely I don’t know what keys would type it—then my mapping would no longer result in typing an opening parenthesis.

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