How can I make F1-F12 keys appear with BTT without needing to hold down the fn key?

Is there any way I can do the above?

Just add some Buttons and give them the F keys functions.
Just like this.
Function keys.bttpreset (14.2 KB)

You can also make this appear only in some programs you'd like, and keep it closed/use the original Touch Bar for all the others.

So, I am using the same logic. I am a developer and I've been working on a software for an external device that has a remote controller. To simulate the controller I use the F keys. Using BTT's alternative crashes my OS X binary, whereas using the native control strip keys doesn't. I can't explain it, anyone ever had a similar issue?

@Caliguvara How do you give a button an F key function if you don't have F keys?

Actions Assigned only lists F13 to F18.

cant you just set this in native system preferences?

Add a button with as associated action "Keyboard shortcut". Then press fn on the keyboard and the F1 Key that appears from the normal TouchBar.

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