How can I fix tap-to-click delay with dragging enabled?

This is something that has been posted before in various formats, but I have yet to find an answer elsewhere on the internet.

I use the tap-to-click feature on my Macbook trackpad regularly, as it is quiet and effective. However, I've always been frustrated with the slow delay from the tap to the click being registered. I understand that 3 finger drag is an option but I much prefer the double tap and drag.

I recently was messing around with some settings, and noticed that when I disabled dragging with the trackpad, suddenly the tap-to-click had a much faster response time. The response time is also faster if you use the three-finger drag option (which I don't like). I understand that the delay is from the OS waiting for another input, but this isn't a valid excuse since windows can do this without a delay.

What this leaves me with is two unsatisfactory options:

  1. One-finger tap to click responds slowly, but I can double click to drag items with the trackpad.
  2. One-finger tap to click responds quickly, but I can't use the trackpad to drag.

I would like to preserve the faster response time for a one-finger tap, but I also want to be able to double-tap and drag items. Is there a way to make both happen? Has anybody else experienced the same frustration?

I recently downloaded Better touch tool since I heard that there might be a way to fix this issue with it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to configure the app to let me do this. If anyone has experience with the tool and can guide me through this, please let me know!

Thanks for the help!

unfortunately BTT can not solve this.

I know the pain after switching from Windows and I tried many things to get rid of it - but in the end I just got used to it. The delay is so you can continue dragging if you reach the edge of the trackpad and quickly lift your finger to reposition it.

All hacky ways I tried to get rid of the delay resulted in too many other problems, thus this is not part of BTT anymore.

The Solution

System Preferences / Accessibility / Pointer Control / Mouse & Trackpad:
Double-click speed: FAST!