How can I change the font on the clipboard manager?

I want to change the font to a sans-serif one.
(Even if I copy text with sans-serif format like this forum, it shows on serif font)
(I can change it on the editor pane for each, but it just affects each of them)

Currently, it doesn't look like the GitBook reference.

macOS Sonoma 14.4 (Japanese)
BTT 4.452 (44520) (Tried both English and Japanese)

It just displays the font you copied, there is no easy way to change that unless you don't want to keep any formatting

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I see, thanks.
So when I copy text with no specific style, the clipboard manager shows it with the default font(serif), right?
Is the default font stuck as the serif one with macOS system-wide?

Now I find it looks better for me if I shrink the right pane... can't eliminate it though. :wink:

I hide this "right pane" by opening the clipboard manager on the right-hand side of the screen, so that this part is no longer visible. You can choose the exact position yourself.


Unfortunately this is German. My Move window action has these values

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Wow, nice trick!! :laughing:

As this seems to be a common request, I have just added a collapse button:


Amazing! :tada:
I hope you consider adding further tweaks to the clipboard manager!! :wink:

This collapse button is very useful, thank you!