How can I add a hotkey with "page up" or "page down" in an action on a Macbook?

Macbooks don't have page up or down keys, and I don't see a way for actions to use those keys on BTT, or use keys without pressing them down.

Try fn + arrow down/up.

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That doesn't work for me. When I write FN Up in the hotkey box, it shows this character:
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 7.48.46 AM

that’s the correct character :wink:

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Thanks, I figured out my error and why I thought it wasn't working.

Also, Fn + Right or Left is Home & End keyboard key emulation, but since you're on a Mac, you can also do that with command right & left most places. And Command + Up & Down is like Control + Home & End on other OSes hehe

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