How best to share a preset for just one program

What is the best way to save my current Touch Bar setup in order to share it with others so they can install it as well just for that same program?

Right now, I have installed vanilla BTT and created a Touch Bar setup for just one program. In any other program, the Touch Bar is still the system default (which I guess is the BTT default).

  1. When I then export my setup into a preset, it is saving ALL the BTT settings, right? Can it save just the settings for the program I'm using it on?
  2. Can other users install my preset and only have it use my preset for that same specific program? As in, for a specific app can you assign "use this installed preset" but not elsewhere". Is there a guide how to instruct to do that?

The basic goal is, I want them to be able to install my BTT setup I have customized for that program, but when they have installed it, it won't mess up any BTT customizations they've done and presets they've installed for every other context.

I think the best work around for this would be to right click on the app that you want to share the preset for and copy app and all triggers, make a new preset (maybe titled "~app name~" ) and paste them there, and then you can export that specific preset and share it. There might be a more advanced and direct way of exporting a specific app presets but I'm not sure where to look for it. Hope this helps!