Hover in reverse: from large to small menu

May I ask if we can achieve hovering over the floating menu in reverse: from a full menu to a sticky small menu/icon?

Use case: I have a full menu that I'll access most of the time, but I may need to minimise it sometimes.

I can achieve the behaviour by a two-stage workaround. Still, it seems the most direct way is for the developer to consider adding both the minimum and maximum width and height on both normal and hover menu sizes under the setting of "Size & Resize On Hover".

My workarounds:
I (1) set up a normal hovered menu and (2) used the last menu item to activate "toggle simulated hover".

With the above settings, when I hover over the small menu, it will change into a persistent full menu. When I hover over the last menu item in the full menu, the menu will toggle back to the persistent small menu.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 18.29.59

You may ask, why don't I assign a keyboard shortcut to activate the hide/unhide floating menu? I have used one mouse button (Logitech MX Master) for that trigger to hide/unhide another universal floating menu for the system. The hovering trigger is for my many app-specific menus. and I don't want to use multiple shortcuts for those different menus.

Thanks in advance

Your way of adding the simulated hover is how I would have done it as well.
I have thought about adding support for shrinking hover, but it would require quite a bit of extra code, which is why I haven't prioritized it much yet.

Thank you for the info.

May I ask if there exists a condition in "Configure Conditions" that indicates the status of a specific floating menu in normal/hovered mode? If "toggle simulated hover" is available as an action, then BTT should be able to check the status of the floating menu.

yes, there is the “currently_hovered_menu_identifiers” variable. You can use the “contains” condition to check whether it contains your menu identifier.

However I’m currently not sure whether it also works for the hover activated by action. I’ll check later today