Hover feature for floating menu icons

I found an issue while looking at your video. When having an action selected in the right column, right-clicking in the left colum to copy the UUID of an item will copy the wrong UUID (the one of the action, which is not helpful). This is fixed in v4.537!

Ah ok. I just update it and try it out with a test menu, but it did not work, how I wanted to. Maybe you could look at it, and tell me what the issue is.
test menu.bttpreset (40.7 KB)

You are updating the hover color, but the hover color only affects items that are really hovered by the cursor. (and only the back button item is hovered at that time) So instead you should update the standard background color:

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Now it works.
Thank you very much for your help, and sorry for being a bit nitpicky. :sweat_smile:

it's great to have some people test these sometimes obscure features! They are very powerful but also hard to get right.

Yeah, that's right. Since every user uses BTT differently, it's not an easy task to make everyone happy, but you are doing great work so far. A couple of years ago, as I first started using BTT, I noticed pretty quick, that BTT is more powerful than people think it is. And it has become better and better since then.
So thank you, and keep up the good work.

And I really appreciate that I can right click on your video to download& save it for later. Will use this feature for sure in the near future :smiley: