Hot corners not working

Mac OS 12.1
MacBook Pro 14
Version: 3.696 (1831)

I think since this last update, hot corners not working.
e.g.. BTT configured to activate Safari for mouse moved to upper right corner
Used this feature for some time, always been reliable until about 24 hrs ago
Restarting BTT gets it working for a few times then stops working again.
Tried restarting computer, same issue

Could you check whether this is fixed with the version I just uploaded?

So far, so good with Version: 3.697 (1832), will let you know if recurs, thank you for the fast response!

Hot corners are working for me also!

Unfortunately, I also noticed that hot corners stopped working for me, and my BetterTouchTool version is 3.697 (I don't see any additional version string as DDuser indicated though?) and I'm on MacOS 12.1 (Monterey) on a 2021 14" MacBook Pro. A previous version (I'm afraid I can't check the version now) was working earlier. Please let me know if there is any way to find any more diagnostic information that might be helpful!

macOS Monterey 12.2
MacBook 16" 2021 M1
BTT 3741 (1883)

I had the problem of hot corners not working until some time ago. But it didn't occur to me that BTT could be the cause, because I didn't assign any action by BTT, but use standard actions of macOS. I was able to solve the problem by creating a second desktop.
Now I have that issue again - despite having a second desktop. And this since the penultimate version of BTT. I have to log out the user and log in again, so that it works again.