Homekit Control UI

Here I'm showing how to easily create a UI that triggers some Shortcuts to control your home. Excuse me
, it's a bit hard to understand, I'm not used to talking english / creating tutorials :wink:

Very nice!

Does anyone have an idea why the scenes and accessories are not displayed when I will set them?

I can read the states:

but not set:

Are there any rights that I need to set?


Sounds like (another) Shortcuts bug :slight_smile: I don't think I had to do anything special to make them show up

Yes, for sure! It can't be because of my device configuration:

If I add the action in the same shortcut via iOS without retrieving the devices, I can do it with this action on the Mac!

If I add the same action on the Mac, nothing is displayed. This is absolutely crazy!

It's shameful that Apple releases an app with so many bugs.

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