HomeKit Button for Touchbar

Would you guys have any resources on how to setup Apple Home via BTT Touchbar shortcuts? The idea would be to press a button to turn on/off specific scenes from the home app (i.e. turn lights on/off using the Touch Bar ).

I'm guessing an apple script could take care of this but since Home on macOS is fairly new, I haven't found anything online! Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

unfortunately the home app is not scriptable ;-(

This is because it's basically a ios app running on macOS using the new Marzipan framework. Apple hasn't added Apple Script support for this yet.

Ok, I hacked it out a way … I don't know the HomeKit MacOS not yet, will check out later.

A chain I found is:

With BetterTouchTool a script curl to a software called https://ifttt.com/home … seen on reddit.

You use the IFTTT webservice for their WebHooks to trigger a connected Service from Smart Life.
SmartLife is a common App out of the tuya universe so most Devices are supported.

Just a hack but works fine. ITFFF is free up to 3 Applets … :frowning: