Hold an abecedary key to simulate holding modifier keys Shift + Control?

Been roaming the forums but haven't been able to find an answer so far about, or a how-to for this question for this set up in particular.

Is it possible to set up a key like "g" to work with BTT?

Flow example of my expectations:

  1. I Press and Hold down the "g" key,
  2. BTT Action: Pressing and Holding "g" key acts as "Shift + Control" modifier keys down,
  3. While still holding down "g" key, I also press down the "p" key,
  4. This triggers an action in Keyboard Maestro, which has detected "Shift + Control + g",
  5. Keys are released

A Press and Release of the "g" key alone: Sends a regular "g" keystroke.


P.S.: If not possible with the letter "g", is there another way to approach this? Can this approach be achieved using a double-tap command?