Hold a modifier key to open a menu, hold a second modifier key to reveal hidden info

I have a floating menu that appears when you press and hold control. Depending on the app you're in, it will show my custom shortcuts for that app. Some of the apps I use have lots of shortcuts that aren't used as often. It would be awesome if, while still holding control, you could then also press another modifier key to reveal the additional shortcuts.

So like this: While in Safari, hold control, menu pops up, then also press and hold command, and "hidden" shortcuts appear. Release command, the extra shortcuts go away, release control, the menu goes away. But once I press and hold the second modifier key, the menu disappears (because now I'm also holding down a second key not in the visibility list).

I have been able to get a different version of this to work. A shortcut that toggles the menu on, then I can press a modifier key to reveal the hidden stuff. I've tooled around in "modifier based visibility," but not had much success.

I've attached the menu in case anyone wants to take a gander.
safari-shortcuts.bttpreset (1.9 MB)

Do you have any screenshots? Would be interested to see

This is currently hard to achieve (would require scripting).

However I think I can add a new option to the modifier based visibility show if at least these modifiers are pressed.
I'll look into this.

This is now possible with 4.482 alpha. Here is a simple example that shows while holding cmd and adds an item while additionally pressing shift:

cmdshiftmenu.bttpreset (169.7 KB)

Hi Andreas! I've tried the preset you uploaded, and it is functioning just as I would like for a floating menu I made, but i cant figure out how you do it! Could you help me out?:grimacing: How do I make it appear when I press and hold fx cmd? Is it under the floating menu itself I activate it? Or is it somewhere else?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out🙂

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For anybody else coming here. These are the required options:

On menu level:

On item level.

So basically configure the menu to show when AT LEAST cmd is pressed. Then for the items e.g. configure some that require at least cmd and some that require at least shift. The ones that are set to require at least cmd will always show when the menu is visible because the menu itself requires cmd. The ones with shift will be shown only if shift is pressed in addition to CMD.