High RAM,CPU,energy usage? Slowing down randomly and getting unresponsive randomly

Not sure if it's a bug or normal operation. I also don't know if I should blame BTT or discord etc.

I have a MBP 16" with the 8 core. So I guess I expect better performance from the computer.
Whenever I'm running too many windows or discord is doing screen sharing for example, or other times when there's some slight pressure on performance, BTT gets iffy.

Also, generally my battery life is pretty terrible and I'm pretty sure it started since installing BTT although I'm plugged in 95% of the time so no big deal. For high energy. usage, BTT falls in number 2 right under safari which is not a good thing.

I think it may be the golden touch bar preset that's causing this from looking at other posts but I'd like to get some opinions.

Going to put the "open files and ports" in a comment as well as a sample of the process.

Thank you

Sample 2 of BetterTouchTool.crash (651.3 KB)

I uploaded it as a .crash but it's a .txt

For some reason BTT tries to refresh the dock labels pretty often according to your sample.

I'm not sure if GoldenChaos is setting the refresh value to a small value or whether that is a bug in BTT. I'll have a look!
It definitely seems to be caused by some script or the dock widget.

Anyways, the next BTT version will be more restrictive about the refresh rate for scripts and presets that are getting the dock badges, as this is quite a resource intensive task. Alpha should be out tomorrow!

Hey there, have you found the solution for above described issue? I am facing the same - significant energy usage from BTT which is draining my battery and causing my MBP 16" warming up quickly. I tried to look for the solution but did not find any. I do not use any Dock Badges from Golden Chaos, just the pre-set default options.

Yeah i just ended up removing golden chaos.

I just used the custom things that i created for myself.

Never found the touch bar stuff to be useful and removing all touchbar features improved performance for me. Instead i stick to trackpad magic mouse and keyboard shortcuts

Thanks for quick reply. That is a huge shame that this could not be fixed somehow with Golden Chaos on board cause I kinda got used to the functionalities and how it looks in general. I think I am gonna keep using golden chaos when connected to charger and will close BTT entirely when on battery :roll_eyes: @Andreas_Hegenberg what you think?

Scripts like the ones regularly running in GoldenChaos will always cause some cpu usage.

If you want to reduce power consumption I’d recommend to create your own preset with only the functions you really need.

Thanks Andreas, could you find a minute to take me through the way how to check what scripts are running constantly when I have golden chaos running in BTT? Have you idea if I can just leave few of them? I am not techy guy and not sure if I would be able to create some of them (these which I use often).

Thanks and have a wonderful night!