Hide the dock icon entirely

In Mojave, there's a recent item section on the Dock. As I think of BTT as a menu bar icon app, it's annoying to see the (otherwise lovely!) Dock icon when I've just gone to adjust a setting. I'd rather reserve this space for apps I'm used to seeing on the Dock.

An option to outright disable a Dock icon (the opposite of the current option to always show a Dock icon) would solve this.

the BetterTouchTool dock icon should only be visible if the BetterTouchTool settings are open. Everything else I'd consider a bug in zhr macOS beta, but I'll keep an eye on this.

Thanks Andreas. The change in Mojave is that if an app is running but not pinned to the Dock, it appears in a separate 'recent items' section between the pinned apps and the folder/Trash section. Even after these apps are closed, the icons remain for quick access.

This means that when I close BTT's settings window, the icon remains in the recent items section. As I consider it a background utility and not an app that I necessarily seek to open, it's not something I need in the recent items.

At present, Mojave has no way of excluding items permanently from this section (I'm going to file a report to Apple), but if BTT can support an option to never show a Dock icon, even when the Settings window is open, that would serve as a perfect workaround.

(Side note - thanks for supporting alpha versions of BTT for Mojave so quickly! Seamless experience.)

I'll check if I can find something in the beta documentation about how to prevent this. Thanks for reporting!

No problem! I've submitted my suggestion to Apple, but I expect excluding apps will go against the idea that this section is explicitly for non-pinned apps, so they'd still need to appear while running. Hopefully excluding them means they'll automatically disappear again, as with non-pinned apps currently.