Hide/show menu bar

Now that Big Sur has the option to auto-hide the menu bar, can we get an option to toggle that as a predefined action?

Here's a script to toggle it

tell application "System Events"
	tell dock preferences to set autohide menu bar to not autohide menu bar
end tell
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Thank you, aaaa! I created the Apple Script, made it an app, and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut in BTT. But when I run it, I keep getting pop-up box saying: "Press Run to run this script, or Quit to quit."

Strangely, I found that the pop-up window no longer appeared when I stopped using the Ctrl key in the keyboard shortcut.

It works great, aaaa!

Amazing. Is there a way to have 2 separate scripts – one for hiding, and one for unhiding? The toggle won't work for my use case. Thanks!