Hide separator if there is no artist?

Using the new Now Playing widget I've configured it to simply display the title and artist separated by an em dash like so:

{title}  —  {artist}

Previously I was able to write my own logic around the em dash separator to ensure that it would hide when there was no artist, which there never is for video content. Is there a way to accomplish this with the new now playing widget?

Not yet, I was thinking about ways to make this possible but haven't come up with a good one yet. However it's definitely planned.

Easiest would be if the user could add the separators to the tokens e.g. {title} { - artist} but it's a bit complicated to create a parser for that...

What about:

{title}{artist}  —  {/artist}

Anything inside the tags only appears when there is an artist (along with the artist appended to the end of the string). Alternative:

{title}{artist}  —  {/artist}{artist}

In this case using a closing tag would only mean conditional and not automatically append the artist, so a standalone artist tag is necessary in this syntax, but that might be a more intuitive behavior.

Was there any progress that was ever made on this issue? I see that it was brought up a long time ago, but it looks like the touch bar still displays the hyphen in instances where there is not an artist. I've noticed this most frequently for video content on social media.