Hide/minimize other non-front/non-active windows of the active application


I'm trying to hide all other windows of the front/active application, while leaving the front window visible.

I just tried this sequence of actions: 1) Save currently active window 2) Hide App under Cursor, 3) Go back to saved active windows (with delays inserted).

However, the last action also unhides the app's other windows again.

It looks like I could achieve this with options using Show/Hide Specific Application, but I'd really like to make it work for any application.

Any ideas?


Do you know the default macOS "Hide Others" function?

Yes, but doesn't that just hide other apps?

I'm hoping to hide say 3/4 windows of the active application, leaving its front window visible.

true! I think it should be relatively easy to do with apple script, I'll have a look!

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