Hide Home Strip

Hello, how can I hide the home strip when I'm in a specific application? I added the application and added a few buttons. I now want to hide the home strip when I'm in this application. I'm using Goldenchaos preset and I'm on the latest build.



You'll need a specific App group for this.
Using the plus button on the bottom left, choose "Select app from running apps", and add it. Then inside you just put all the desired triggers.

At least that's how you create a new appspecific group. This should work regarding less GC.

I already added the specific application and added a few buttons, I want to hide the home strip when this application is active on the touchbar.

Is there anyone that has an idea on how to do this?


Perhaps you want to look at these settings here?

You access these by clicking the app group name you just created ie the name of the app on the left most sidebar. You have all the below options here for that individual app.

Go to BTT preferences -> click on Home Strip(On the left menu bar) -> Click on edit configuration for group -> fill in your app name under the | App Name | is not | {APP_NAME} field.

Below is an example for the menu strip. Change Code to your app name