Hide application under cursor

I find the ability to close windows under the cursor very helpful when in exposé. Sometimes, however, I want to get some windows out of the way without closing them. Being able to hide the application that the window the cursor is over belongs to, would therefore be a really helpful thing for me. (BTT doesn't seem to be able to do this today.)

Use the attached actions:

  1. Left click
  2. ⌘H
    This should do it.

I wanted to assign clicking the yellow button on UI Windows to hide the window, instead of minimizing it.

I can't find "Hide App Under Cursor" similar to "Quit App Under Cursor"

chaining left-click and ⌘H won't really do it. Any tricks? Feature request?


Hi there,

To those looking for a working "hide app under cursor", after hours of trying to put up a script for this, I finally made a 2-step process:
1 : Activate/Bring to front window under cursor
2 : ⌘-H

Works pretty good !

Thanks, that's a decent workaround.

I too would prefer a "native" action though, to avoid the short flash of the background window coming to the foreground.

I would clearly prefer it, too... but I don't know if it is on the developer's roadmap, so in the mean time, it helps :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to hide windows if they are not focused. So this probably can not be added.


As a matter of fact, yes indeed: xGestures does it quite well... it has some quirks with some apps, but it works!

Pity, but thanks for the info.

Interesting, then I might need to do some research. If you happen to find some code that can do that - let me know!

Are you sure it doesn't also just bring the window to front briefly?


Unfortunately, xGestures is not open source and its author has stopped its development, but maybe he would help you out with this feature? (http://guygizmo.blogspot.com/)

I use xGestures with my mouse all the time, and I can assure you it does not bring the window to the front before hiding the corresponding app.

Does it hide the whole app (I'd know how to do that) or just the specific window?

Yes, it hides the whole app: all visible windows disappear (not in the dock) and the dock icon becomes translucent, just like when doing command-H.

Ahh ok then I can do that as well, I somehow thought you just want to hide the window and not the whole app (but after reading this post again I realize that has been the request all along :-))

I'll add an action for that to the next version.

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Excellent, thanks a lot ! :+1:

I have now uploaded v3.556 alpha (get via "check for alpha version updates"), it contains a new action "Hide App Under Cursor".

After a few minutes of hiding things like crazy, I can say that it works quite well already. Thanks a lot for your reactivity ! :smiley: :+1: