Hide and Show Statusbar Icons is not working

Hi guys,
Yesterday I updated BTT to the newest version (4.181 (2400)), and now I just noticed that I'm no longer able to hide and show the status bar icons, whether by double clicking on the status bar or by the keyboard shortcut what I chose for it. I think it might be a bug.

I tried already to restart BTT or log in and out and also hit the "Killall Dock" in Terminal to restart the bar, but nothing helped. So I think it might be a bug. I hope it will be fixed soon because I don't have access to the apps which are hidden.

Ok, I've no idea what just happened, but now it works again. :man_shrugging:

Now I found the reason why it fails for me. I disabled BTT for InDesign for several years now because whenever it is enabled and I double-click on any page icon, it beeps like it won't let me do it. I already mentioned it and hoped for a solution, whether from Adobe or BTT, but unfortunately, there is still no solution.
Anyways, when I switch to InDesign and then back to another app, BTT is disabled for every app, and because of that, it won't let me show and hide the menu items.
And I have to enable it for all apps again.
So it seems it is a bug.

there was an issue in 4.177 to 4.181 that could sometimes cause BTT to get disabled and that also affected the enable behavior. This should be fixed in 4.182

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Yeah, thanks. That fixed it.