Hi, I am Yannick: Please help us to help them!

Free/Sponsored BTT license/plan for an NGO supporting Indian & Nepalese orphans?
Please sponsor us to help us helping Nepalese & Indian orphans...

Hello !

My name is Yannick, and I am co-leading with my wife a very small German-based non-profit NGO (registered Non-Governmental Organisation, 100% not for profit, actually we distribute 100% of donations & work entirely for free, since a decade). It is named "Namaste-Welfare" (see www.Namaste-Welfare.org or www.Namaste-Welfare.com for English version), and we are dedicated to HELP ORPHANS CHILDREN IN NEPAL & INDIA.

We have no resources to purchase software which are not open source, but we decided to renew entirely our website and our communication technologies + IT backend apps… and your superb tool would perfectly fit with our needs! … We are just dreaming to be able to use it to move out from our current/legacy systems. Your tool would help us to be much more impactful with our potential donors, hopefully getting some more people sponsoring poor kids in India and Nepal, giving them a chance in life…

BTT would save s so many clicks! :wink:

BUT...we have no fund for IT (100% of donated money goes to children… this is mandatory as per the foundation/NGO status that we signed) So, I am coming to you with a simple request:

—> would you consider supporting us with such free plan/license, so we can better & more professionally support orphans in Nepal & India?…

We would so much appreciate your help for us to help others…:slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance to escalate this special request to the management and we hope to get a positive answer from you.

Enjoy the day! :slight_smile:


PS: Of course, we would mention your support & sponsorship in our website & social media communications :wink: