Help with transferring account and settings from one Mac to another

Hello everyone,

I have been using BTT for about a year on my personal MacBook and it's been such a useful tool. I got it initially to remove the ESC key I kept hitting but have found many other uses for it to speed up my productivity.

Anyway...I have just been given a new work MacBook with TouchBar and I really miss not having BTT installed. I was hoping to transfer my existing account along with all my current Touch Bar settings - is this even possible? Or do I need to purchase a new license and start again?

Appreciate your help.


You could :

  1. Export your preset(s)
  2. Sync your preferences with Dropbox or iCloud

Then import and resync on the new computer. Preference syncing is in beta, but presets exporting & importing has worked flawwlessly for me so far.

Or copy the folder:

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

to the new Mac. All data is stored there.

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Thanks both, appreciate your help!

Woah, didn't know about this. I should have done it for a few critical apps when upgrading/reinstalling Big Sur a few weeks ago. Will keep it in mind. Thank you!

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