Help with "Named and Other Triggers" Not working


I have an automation so that an app is opened every day at midnight and a keyboard shortcut that issued in the app is pressed 5 seconds after. It is not going off, and I can't figure out why. A screenshot is below, thanks!!

Edit: In the third step, I do have "bring app to front before sending" checked.

Is it not being triggered at all? So obsidian is also not being launched?

That's right. Nothing is happening.

Bizarrely, I changed the shortcut so that it runs every five minutes, so that I could test it more easily, and lo and behold, THAT worked ... So is something possibly wrong with the way I have it set to go off at midnight? Below are the settings that I have ... Thanks!

it looks good, maybe there is a bug with the 0 hour, I’ll do some more tests!

Thanks! The truth is, for this particular shortcut, I can easily make it 1:00 ... I'll try that.