help with cmd+w shortcuts

hi, everyone. i am very dumb, and need some help. please bear with me. basically, i only got BTT to help me play The Sims 4. dumb, but help me anyways.

so: i only got a Mac about 6 months ago. I've been used to ctrl+w rotating the camera inside of TS4. cmd is in the place ctrl was on my PC, so i use cmd+w to rotate the camera. on mac, cmd+w is the default universal closing command, so it didn't rotate the game camera, it prompted me to close the game.

i fixed this by setting a different keyboard shortcut to close TS4, and all was well, until the big sur update for Mac, which i think made it so that more than one keyboard shortcut could do the same thing- not sure.

so, what i want is for cmd+w to NOT close TS4, and instead rotate the camera, which is TS4's default keyboard shortcut, though it conflicts with Mac's. i downloaded BTT, and i'm still having some issues.

SO: at first, i set my 'all apps' cmd+w shortcut for No Action, and set my 'The Sims 4' cmd+w keyboard shortcut to instead send 'ctrl+cmd+w,' which rotates the camera for whatever reason, but was too much to press. this ALMOST worked, but the rotating was endless, because it was set to only send key down, not key up.

when i switched this to send both key down and key up, pressing cmd+w no longer sent ctrl+cmd+w, like i had it set to. instead, it only seemed to recognize the 'w', and sent the game camera physically forward. it worked better if i pressed w first, but it sometimes still got stuck being endless, and both of these things were inconvinient.

so, basically what i want to do is make it so that in this one app, cmd+w works to rotate the camera, maybe by sending ctrl+cmd+w. and, i want it to work regardless of which key i press first, instead of only kind of working, and then becoming a recursive action if i press 'w' first.

i know this is dumb, and really long, but i'm really losing my mind trying to figure this out, having used all different combinations, so i'm begging anyone who knows how to fix this to please take pity on me and help me out here.