Help with adding Json content to BTT

Hi, how do I add Json content to BTT? Two different instance seem to be possible here.

  1. Downloading the json file that someone else provides a copy of in one of the discussions. Where do I put this? how do I use it? Here is an example file for a preset in one of the posts here. Better-Touch BTT v1.0.2.bttpreset (58.0 KB)

  2. Someone has just the JSON file text and I think we can copy it, but not sure what to do with it after that to actually get it into BTT? Thanks!


The way I do it is:

  1. Open BTT Configuration window.
  2. Select to the relevant triggers menu (Touchbar / Trackpad / etc).
  3. Press Cmd+V.

Let me know if it works for you.

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