HELP to delete ghost Key Sequence that keeps importing into my default preset

Anybody know how to figure out how/from where this Key Sequence keeps is coming? Seems as if it gets imported every time I restart BTT? Thanks!

Version 4.472

ah sorry that was a test in the latest alpha, glad to see it works :sweat_smile: forgot to mark it as “dev only”

I’ll remove it with the next alpha in an hour

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A follow-up question to this - is it normal for my BTT to freeze, quit, and restart numerous times throughout the day as I am working on it? I saw that there is a stable version versus an alpha version and with the stable version resolve this issue? Thank you so much!

I am also seeing these show up still

you need to upgrade to a newer version then :wink: (just delete any that might have been added with the alpha versions)