Help: Floating Menu at mouse's location when modifiers are held down

I am trying to create a floating menu that appears at the mouse cursor's current location fully expanded when I press and hold CMD + OPTION and then as I hold those keys I can move the mouse over the option I want and let go of CMD + OPTION (or click) to trigger the action.

This seems completely plausible but I keep running into some issues and I don't know if my configuration is messed up or if there are potential bugs.

I am running into some issues where

  1. The menu sometimes doesn't appear with the Modifier Based Visibility
  2. Sometimes when it does appear it is not at the mouse's current location but a past mouse location
  3. Sometimes it is in the collapsed state and I have to move the cursor off of the menu and back on it for it to reveal the actions
  4. When the menu does appear - it doesn't recognize the intended highlighted item when the mouse is over it - meaning when the menu disappears nothing is triggered, but if I do it again it will appear in the same spot (which isn't correct) and then sees that an item is highlighted and then works

Edit: after making a new preset and creating a new Floating Menu using the initial values, I was actually able to solve 2 of the 4 issues above and I have crossed them off. But I am still having issues with issue number 1 and 2 and they might be potential bugs.

Here is a video demonstrating issue number 2:

MouseMenuTest.bttpreset (67.9 KB)

Here is a video demonstrating issue number 1 and an issue where the menu doesn't always popup up at the focused window's center:

MouseMenuTest_with_navigation.bttpreset (73.4 KB)

Thank you for reading and helping me solve this issue. Any advice would be much appreciated :blush:

You are right, this looks like a bug. Will fix asap!

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Should now be fixed in 4.213 alpha (currently building & uploading)

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Thank @Andreas_Hegenberg! It is working great now. Thanks for the quick and amazing turn around :pray:

I ended up making this cool little window management menu:

MouseWindowMenu_v5.bttpreset (2.7 MB)

How to use v5:

  • Hold ctrl for the menu to pop up at the mouse location
  • You can click or let go of ctrl and the action will be triggered
  • While holding ctrl you can also press J, K, H, and L to go up, down, left, and right respectively.
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I came across this post as I’ve been trying to create a similar widget. However, I’ve encountered an issue where the floating menu is affected by window resizing instead of the intended hovered window. I downloaded your preset, but I'm struggling with the same issue on your widget. How did you make the actions execute on the "underlying" hovered window? I’ve attached a screenshot of the menu after selecting a layout for your reference. I appreciate the help!

When using the default resizing actions you can choose whether it uses the window under the cursor, or the focused window in the settings. You should change that to "focused window".

When using the "Custom move / resize" action you can choose it per configuration.


Of course! This made my day a lot less frustrating. Thank you!

I'm trying to make BTT generally ignore the floating windows for these things - not yet sure whether that will work though.

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This has been happening to me for the past couple of days. Version 4.388

Can you give some details about what has been happening with what kind of configuration? (There have been discussed various things in this thread)

I think I was able to reproduce & fix the issue in 4.391 alpha (uploading now)

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Thanks mate, fixed it before I could get back to you :smile:
I'll come back with more detail if it happens again.