Help: BTT as Default Browser with Browser Selection in Context Menu

I just updated my BTT and realized that it can now replace my app that lets me determine what browser to open a link in. However, I can't get it to work.

I've run through the Did Open URL / URL Based Trigger help file along with Reusable Named Triggers and I'm still unable to make it work. When I click on a link, nothing happens. I have BTT set as my default browser and the link doesn't open which makes me think BTT is trying, but I don't get a context menu.

Anyone get this to work? If so, I'd love help to see what I'm doing wrong. Thanks

I'm on Big Sur 11.1 (20C69) with BTT 3.540

Here's what I have setup:

Ah little misunderstanding:

Here you need to enter a pattern to match the URL for example *://*

Thanks for the quick reply.

A feature request would be to allow it to use any URL then. I don't feel it's an urgent need, but it seems like we're close today.

If you want to match any url just enter * (or for all http urls http://*)

Amazing! Just like that, I have exactly what I was hoping for.

Next question (related) how can we add other browsers to the list of browsers? Seems like BTT has a manual list. I'd like to add Opera and Vivaldi

you can use the „custom terminal command“ option and then enter something like

/usr/bin/open -a Opera '{url}'

Thank you again. Opera is working as expected but Vivaldi is not.

/usr/bin/open -a Vivaldi '{url}' is what I'm using and it doesn't show in the BTT context menu when clicking on a link.

If I put /usr/bin/open -a Vivaldi '' in Terminal it works so I'm pretty sure it's valid code.

Did you add it to the custom context menu action?

Yes, I had it in all the right places. However, I somehow had Open In Vivaldi for the name and Open in Vivaldi in the context menu. I'm pretty sure I checked that the names matched, but it seems I didn't. :man_facepalming:

Thanks again. Your support is fantastic and so is the app.