have to go in hospital: how to disable BTT for my wife

Hello, I have to go in hospital. My wife will be using my computer. She uses BTT but only very basic functions.
What is the simplest procedure to
1- leave BTT active
2- disable all of my gestures.
3- be able to re-enable my gestures when I come home.
I know how to disable gestures. The problem is that I already have many gestures, some of which are enabled and others disabled. If I disable them all, it will be tedious to select the ones to re-enable.
thanks in advance for your time and help

Create a new preset (top right corner), make it the master preset, then uncheck your preset. Add her options, and you're ready to go. In order to reactivate your settings, just activate your preset again.

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Maybe you could save a copy of your preset as a backup for you, and disable the gestures in the current one active.

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thank you, but a bit complicated

thanks very much. I will simply create a preset for her and leave the master for me. Great advice