Has support for leap motion been completely dropped?

hi, I remember that there used to be support for leap motion devices - I know this is no longer present in UI, but perhaps triggering some JSON via webserver can still make use of it? I've two of those and I just remembered that there was indeed an option for that. Is there anything left after it or was it totally removed?

Yep, unfortunately Leap is gone completely (had issues with their framework which also no longer seems to be supported). Also almost nobody used it :slight_smile:

Well, happens. Thanks for letting me know!

Is there another motion device you support? I'm really sad to not be able to use my Leap Motion anymore with BTT.


How can I find out which is the newest version of BTT that still supports the Leap Motion tracker?

Sorry it has been a long time since Leap Motion has been removed. The last version that supported it was https://bettertouchtool.net/releases/btt2.297b.zip

Thank you very much, I was not sure you would see this post.

Great software!
Best regards

Oh damn! I just bought a lifetime license because I'd been using leap support and was on 2.280 or similar and now I'm going to have to use the old version.

Is there an API that I can use to write a new handler for this or is it unusable now?

Thanks in advance

no the leap feature is completely gone. You can request a refund if you won’t use the new versions (andreas@folivora.ai) then the license will be invalidated.

Oh no worries in that regard then.

Was just looking as to if I can use it. Will have a look through all the new features compared to the old version and work out from there. Prefer to support the development if I use even a couple of features that support my workflow :slight_smile:

Will have to work out what's best to do with my LEAP I think at this rate!

Missing the leap motion feature here too.
Used to use it all the time for switching spaces and activating expose.
Would love to have this back as it was futuristic at the time, but now not possible.

Leap Motion support has been gone for years and won't come back. I don't even have such a device anymore :wink: