Haptics for Clicking in BTT Remote

Just a quickie, Could we have a click haptic for pressing to click on BTT remote trackpads?

Edit: also, could we adjust the pressure needed to click?

I also want a neater and better UI for the main trackpad... I have something in mind but i’ll need to mock it up, and currently i don’t have time for that right now.

The old BTT Remote will probably not be developed any further. I have already started work on a new version that will be completely open source, it will be HTML5 based (Ionic + Capacitor) and it will be fully customizable.

This will allow for user customizable screens that can completely change their layout for specific apps. It also means that it will work on Android.


How would this work though? would we need to code HTML or will there be some kind of drag and drop thing?

My idea would be a pallete of stuff like buttons, sliders and scrollable views..

Both will be possible. Providing completely custom HTML or using the default components provided.
There will be a live editor, that immediately shows how something will look like. My POC of that is working really well and I think it will be awesome :slight_smile:

Ionic is a great framework for stuff like this.


Cool! Looking forward to it!

focus on the new mac UI though, theres lots of people asking for features aha so be sure to stay on track

maybe make a new thread where you list accepted suggestions, etc and mark them off so we know whats going on, and maybe help

hehe tried that before. Sticking to strict lists doesn't work for me :slight_smile:
I need to sometimes just pick random stuff to work on.

However without the new UI the new BTT Remote won't work, so this is definitely necessary before.

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I mean a list is good, you don’t need to be too strict about it

Personally I have a reminders list and just pick and choose whatever I feel like, helps me keep on track! but well, we all work best our own ways!

Yes I agree that's a lot of personal preference.

I'm not the type of person that can work well with lists :slight_smile: I wouldn't even know what to put on it right now, and tomorrow I'd probably want to prioritize differently. Freedom! :smiley:

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If you're working a new version, can I once again bring up the possibility of mirroring the Touch Bar to BTT Remote? :smiley:

Most likely I won't be adding 1:1 mirroring as want to get rid of any native code in BTT Remote (I'm surprised Apple even allows this :-))
However I'm thinking about a way to automatically transform the current BTT Touch Bar to HTML & CSS and then display that in BTT Remote (or any browser), I think that should be relatively easy (I mean it's just some styled buttons) and would also be more responsive on smaller screens.


I guess that's just as good! Not like I'm using the native Touch Bar anyway. :joy:

Yep :slight_smile:
I imagine it a bit like https://chrislennon.github.io/Crypto-Touchbar-App/, it should be easy to get the few styles translated to HTML&CSS.

Excited to hear about this!

One thing I would like to be added is more configurable gestures. Not only more (all?) multi-finger gestures, but also force clicks.

Is there anything limiting the Remote Touchpad from being able to behave/perform exactly like a Trackpad?

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I haven't seen any new update on this, has it been abandoned? is there any plan, to continue work on making the BTT remote more like the Touch Bar? I love being able to modify my Touch Bar and find it very useful on the go. I have an old iPhone that I leave plugged in at home on my desk and use a mechanical keyboard at home and would love to be able to use BTT remote like a Touch Bar experience while home?

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Where is this open source project? I would like to fork and support.

Any updates on the new BTT remote? Super excited about this.

Any updates on the new BTT remote?
I do not have an IOS device, an electron like app would be great ...
Can you give us an update on this, @admin?

Dead project?

arr too bad i would have killed for my phone to display words suggestion and stuff while im typing lol

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