Haptic Touch Bar app doesn't know when BTT has changed the Touch Bar

When the Haptic Touch Bar app (HTB) is combined with BetterTouchTool (BTT) the haptic feedback goes wrong when BTT user-defined touchbars are active for applications.

I think HTB seems to not know that these bespoke touchbars have been selected, and it still thinks that the default App’s Touch Bar button strip is still there, so provides haptic feedback on ghost buttons.

You can get it so no haptic click occurs pressing a button (where the app’s default strip has no button), and get haptic click pressing on areas that don’t have BTT buttons on them at all (but where the app’s default strip has a button).

MacBook Pro 16 2019
MacOS Monterey 12.2
BTT V3.741

To achieve haptic feedback without the HapticTouchBar app, In BTT there is a TouchBar settings / Advanced / default haptic feedback / use haptic feedback globally for all touches on the system Touch Bar, but that does it even when clicking on empty space - it's not feedback for having activated the button like the HapticTouchBar app does. Bizarrely, it also always does the "On Trigger" feedback if you swipe on blank space!

You can also do BTT action to do Haptic Touch on activation, but that is out of sync with pressing the button (so poor feedback compared to a physical key), and doesn't work on non-BTT buttons.

Please can we have a global setting improvement to provide haptic feedback (and/or sound effect) with the touchbar, with settings to define:
-the haptic feedback for keydown on an actual touchbar button (including system/other app buttons),
-a second feedback for when the button action is activated (which is typically keyup on a button for BTT).