Haptic Conflicts with Haptic Touch Bar App

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I am using Haptic Touch Bar, an app to give the normal buttons on the Touch Bar haptic feedback. However, this app does not work well with BTT, and BTT sometimes has a double feedback, or no feedback at all, when the app is running. Is there some way to add an option, or otherwise make BTT work well with this app? Sometimes I need to use the normal touch bar, and having haptic feedback when using it is a huge help.

I know this may not be due to your app, but if there is any way to add this functionality I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!

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Touch Bar, Trackpad

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  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 15" 2017
  • macOS version: 10.13.3
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.506

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There is probably not much that can be done to solve this as the haptic feedback generation relies on undocumented API ;-(

Maybe I'll just add an option to BTT to make global haptic feedback available. I'm hesitant about this because it requires a lot of CPU to constantly monitor all touch events. You will probably notice Haptic Touch Bar using about 2% of CPU every time you touch your trackpad or Touch Bar, which is quite a lot for this feature. But if I make it optional it should be ok.

Ahh I see wow that seems crazy! Haptic touch bar seems to be using about 0.5% on average, but obviously I'm not sure how they're doing that. Still, having the option would be great, maybe in a way where it only monitors the touch events if BTT is not visible? Might save some battery.

Also, can you add something between "Light Feedback" and "Strong Feedback"? This is such a small thing, but having a middle option would be perfect, the strong feedback always seems too strong to me.

Thank you so much!

Please, Andreas, add this feature (global haptic feedback) because this only reason to have the Haptic Touch Bar on my Mac.

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+1 to the last request - I don’t want to deal with conflicts but I would love to have haptic feedback.