Group of Dynamically Propagated Stream Deck Buttons


I was wondering whether it is possible to create a Stream Deck button group that propagates the group's buttons dynamically based on conditions or even logic from an external script (AppleScript, JavaScript)?

Similar to how the Dock Widget works, that is just one item in the "Groups & Top Level Triggers" list, but creates multiple buttons.

Example 1
A button group that lists open browser windows and displays their current window title correspondingly, each on a separate button.
If there are only two open windows, only two buttons will be shown. If I have four open windows, it could look like this:

Example 2
A button group called "Change Case" that contains a bunch of predefined buttons for the various case types to convert the current clipboard's string to. Such as:

Example 3
A button group that shows a set of buttons that each correspond to one task item in a given .md file parsed by some external script, which we assume to exist and work (for now). :sweat_smile:
This could be from a daily note for example.

- [ ] Task 1
- [ ] New Task 2
- [X] Done Task 3
- [ ] Task 4
- [ ] Another Task 5
- [~] Cancelled Task 6

Pressing the button could cycle said task from [ ] to [x] to [~] and back to [ ] with a subsequent press. (Let's also assume all this is handled by the script to modify the .md file as well.)

Is this possible as of now?
How does the Dock Widget do its magic?

Thank you