Griffin Powermate issues since some update

since a few weeks my Griffin Powermate behaves weird with BTT.

When i interact with BTT UI directly (the BTT screengrab tool too) it sends a command to the griffin to lower my system volume.
I have the griffin configured with some scripts i found here in the forums , to control my system volume.And this has been working good for a long time.

But after installing either an BTT update or maybe macOs 14.4 it gives me this annoying behavior. For example when i simply CMD+Tab thru apps and switch from BTT to Finder my volume gets lowered , or when i close the BTT config UI .

I'm on BTT 4.442

Maybe post an export of your presets (or send to, I don't think there has been a change in BTT that would cause this - it rather sounds like something's wrong with the setup.

thank you i will do that. thing is i didn't touch them for a while.