Green traffic light to enlarge and restore

I have currently set the green traffic light to maximise windows because I did not like the default macOS behaviour of 'full screen' apps. I found them disorientating. This works great however, I wondered if it was possible to set it up so that a second-click of the green button would restore the window position.

This is what I want to achieve:

  1. First click of the green button maximises the window
  2. Second click of the green button restores the window to it's original position.

How would I go about achieving this?

In many cases assigning option+click to leftclick green window button will work, however some apps won't fully maximize with this. It's the most reliable solution though...

This is not quite what I meant. Perhaps I did not explain it so well. I am cognisant that some windows have a preset and limit on their size. I am not attempting to enlarge these windows, for the windows that are able to be enlarged my focus is on getting the green button to both maximise and restore their size. Essentially how Windows 10 functions.

BTT is limited in the sense that only single actions can be assigned to keyboard commands and the app is 'dumb' in that it does not 'listen' for changes and adapt accordingly. If the green button maximises a window that very same green button will not then restore the original window size. ARGH!

There are some caveats with using the app:

  1. A 'hyper key' i.e. capslock cannot be used as a modifier key in the gestures section of BTT.
  2. There are options to have gestures 'run anywhere', 'run anywhere but the menubar' etc. However, there is no option to run 'anywhere but the dock', 'trigger anywhere but the menubar'. Currently away from my mac but there were one or two settings absent, bizarrely and unfortunately, from the list.
  3. No ability to create flows/if-then etc..

Can be a bit frustrating to use at times and buggy/crashy. Have to restart it by logging in and out just to get keyboard shortcuts in Finder to function normally. For instance backspace navigates back in Finder but rarely does it work.

I think option clicking does what you want, but maybe I misunderstood. By assigning opt+click you stop the default fullscreen behavior and instead switch to the maximize/restore toggle.

BTT is fully scriptable, in case you need things like ifs etc. The things you mentioned can all be done in BTT but might require some scripting. However I don't think that would help for this usecase.

Sounds good. Thanks for all the help, really appreciated. I re-read what I wrote and it seemed to read a little harsh, this was not how I intended it to come out. Perhaps, my language was a little weird/odd in places. I wasn't able to properly and coherently explain myself so it came out a bit odd. I apologise. The app is brilliant and super and I really appreciate all that you have poured in to it. Very indebted to you for making macOS more user friendly because it comes with no windows management tools out of the box. Thanks ever so much from so many of us! Wish you nothing but success. All the best