Green badge in Taskbar Icon?

I just noticed there's a green badge over the dark-mode BTT icon in my Task Bar. I looked in the release notes, but couldn't find anything about it. Can you tell me what it means?

It should show a message when opening the menubar menu. Do you have silent updates installed? In that case BTT will not notify about new updates but will show a green badge if a update has been downloaded - in which case it will be installed after you restart BTT (or on the next restart in general)

That makes sense! I figured it was an update issue, but when I restarted, the green badge stayed. When I restarted again just now, it went away. (Or maybe I only thought I restarted earlier? Anyway, thanks)

By the way, BTT is the single best piece of customization on my computers- I've been using it for years and I happily buy anything new whenever you put something up for sale. I always feel like I should be paying you more often than I do. Thanks for the good work!