GoldenChaos failing to import on BTT 3.230

I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Better touch tool and installed the preset from Golden Chaos following instructions. The preset takes about 5 minutes to install. After that better touch tool disappears from the taskbar and I cannot relaunch it. Nothing shows up in the Touch Bar. I have MacBook Pro 16 with Catalina -latest version available. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


I have same problem with my mbp 16“,

This sounds like a BTT issue - @Andreas_Hegenberg do you have any advice for these folks?

Also, a semi-related question for @Andreas_Hegenberg: I haven't been able to test GC on a 16" MBP (since I don't have one). Is there a way to simulate the 16" Touch Bar for testing?

I think it's a import issue with the latest alpha, should be fixed in either the current stable or the new 3.241 which is currenty uploading

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I think simulating the 16" bar is currently not possible because the Touch Bar simulators just mirror the built in Touch Bar.

Maybe it helps to know that the 16" Touch Bar is 1004px wide. Golden Chaos seems to work fine on it. I could post some screenshots if that'd help you

That's alright - as long as it's working properly! Though it would be cool to have a variable to detect the new Touch Bar so I can provide different escape key options. :slight_smile:

You can check this variable: BTTTouchBarHasPhysicalESCKey

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yassssssssss thank you!!! EDIT: Wow I realized you told me about this a month ago lol. Still! I forgot about it. :joy:

@paramh @odiu can you each confirm that GC installs properly on the latest alpha?

I delete setapp‘s old version and install the latest trial version(3.317),it worked well on my mbp16“,thx a lot!

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