GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread



Great! For some reason upgrading seems to work better when I import from a download instead of directly.

The 24 hour format changes the display of the regular date, but it does not change the time display of Fantastical / Calendar. There seem to be two options for changing that:

  • Remove the -tf setting in the AppleScripts, so iCalBuddy gets the time format from the OS region settings. This would also allow a user to change the setting in ~/.icalBuddyConfig.plist. The setting is then out of control of GC-BTT, but will probably reflect what the user wants automatically.
  • Change the -tf setting in the apple script action based on the configuration in GC-BTT, that would require some more scripting probably.


Sir @GoldenChaos, any thoughts on multi-screen window moving shortcuts? I'm finding that unfortunately, when I'm using external monitors I'm not using GCBTT much as I have an external keyboard. But I'm trying to find a way to have a unified experience between using the GCBTT window buttons and keyboard shortcuts. Is there a way to have multiple presses cycle the window through multiple screens if present?


Any maybe I missed something, but how do we update to new versions now that we have persistent settings?


@jeroen somehow didn't realize the change was that easy to make, will have it done in the next version :slight_smile:

@peripatew I haven't written the script that checks all the variables yet, so there isn't a way to quickly restore settings without making your own preset. Restore button will come with the next version B) I just finished adding persistent variables to the rest of the settings on my machine! Also, will see if it's possible to do multi-screen cycling for the window snapping tools.


Forgive the stupid question, but I can't get the settings to change using the touchbar settings toggles. (tapping on a toggle option just closes the toolbar/strip) (just downloaded the latest alpha 2.639-3)

I'm using BTT from Setapp at v2.627 | 935 and I wonder if that might be my problem?

Otherwise, I guess it's user error... so any pointers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Really liking the enhanced touchbar with GC-BTT. I had played with a calendar up-next script and have written something that changes to Red when you are within 30 mins of the next meeting but it has a few bugs to work out before I post it.


There will be a new official release that will be on SetApp tomorrow before the Mojave release :slight_smile:

I think this will fix your issue. The Goldenchaos preset often makes use of alpha features, thus it's not surprising the new versions don't work correctly with the older stable BTT releases. Unfortunately on Setapp I currently don't have a way to release alphas ;-(


Thank you for the fast reply - I'll reply back after the setapp update and confirm.


Also make sure you've completely removed older GC-BTT versions before installing new ones. The upgrade process has changed, so if you don't remove older versions first then settings won't work. That said, some features may not work simply because it's an older version of BTT than intended.

I'm told that sometime in the future you'll be able to select to overwrite the previous GC-BTT version on import (by way of BTT offering to overwrite widgets with the duplicate UUID's), which will make upgrading even less of a hassle.


Wow. This is astonishing now.

Some of the buttons in the configuration script disappear when you set them. E.g. turning on "connect airpods" or any of the dock badges buttons. They reappear when it refreshes after pressing another one, but it's a bit alarming the first time it happens. Purely cosmetic, doesn't seem to affect the actual working.


Whoa! Not sure how I missed that. Time to investigate... no clue why it's happening at first glance. Looks like every individual refresh script causes it.

Even looking at the scripts, I can't see why they're causing everything to temporarily disappear. In fact, if you leave the settings group open long enough, things will go back to normal - presumably when the script is done running.

Any ideas? I'm stumped. Will keep investigating. Maybe it's a BTT bug @Andreas_Hegenberg?

EDIT: Progress. I think it has to do with the fact that I moved the settings buttons to update their state only after the setting has been successfully applied. Seems like that's confusing BTT; if I tell it to update the settings button first things go smoothly.

EDIT2: Yup, that's it. Time to buckle down and edit every single refresh trigger... :joy:


removing all the old versions and re-installing the GC-BTT config (now 2.639-4) seems to have worked and the config changes are working - I've not yet had any update for BTT via Setapp.



New user here - just want to say thank you for providing this excellent Touch Bar UI! It's so incredibly useful, and I'm looking forward to digging into the customisation options. I will be purchasing BTT via your link above as you fully deserve some monetary reward for the effort you've put into this!

I must admit I do feel a bit lost to start with, so I wondered if there are any detailed set of instructions that explains some of the options seen within BTT please?

What are Modal Widgets, or Widget Groups? Should I be marking them as visible and what happens if I do?

What's the difference between primary and secondary menu bars?

What's the best way to add custom app icons to the main Home Strip, replacing Show Finder or Air Drop with something else?

Perhaps a short description that explains what each section does?

Also, is it possible to automatically revert to the original Touch Bar functionality when opening certain apps like Photos (rather than manually pressing cmd+option+shift+0)?

Maybe this needs a wiki page somewhere?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Suddenly I am experiencing an issue, when I touch anything on the Touch Bar it triggers a haptic feedback of the trackpad.

Also with Trello being open, tapping the time triggers the creation of a new card.

GoldenChaos-BTT 2.639-4 on BTT 2.641


Make sure to select "No Feedback" there (should be the default)

(This is the General Touch Bar settings in BTT)


Amazing! Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg for your fast reply.
It must have changed when updating BTT to a newer version, at least I do not recall having changed it.


I had it on by default in a few alpha versions to make sure it is working, maybe that caused it. On the stable versions it is off by default :slight_smile:


I'll definitely be writing up documentation for the next stable release. There's a lot going on here and I don't expect people to figure it out just by stumbling around, haha.

The short of it: You don't need to manually enable/disable any of the Touch Bar elements; use the settings panel to do it instead, and it will also set persistent settings that you can restore after an upgrade.

To go through your questions (I will probably copy this later :joy:) :

  • Widget Groups are what they sound like - groups of widgets that replace the Home Strip, but not the Menu Bar, and are usually invoked by clicking on their respective Menu Bar icon.

  • Modal Widgets are special types of widget groups that take over the entire Touch Bar UI (except the escape key), meaning the Menu Bar is not accessible when they are open. They always have a Close button, and are often invoked by long-pressing on Home Strip icons and Menu Bar widgets.

  • Primary Menu Bar Widgets are configured to display on all of the modifier menus (cmd/opt/ctrl), which also allows them to seamlessly integrate with the Option menu design.

  • Secondary Menu Bar Widgets will disappear when you invoke any of the modifier menus.

The other questions:

  • The best way to add stuff to the Home Strip is to add it directly inside the BTT preferences. Make sure your new widget or button is set to be inside the scrollable container (which is the default setting anyway). You can add it right alongside the existing home strip widgets, or place it in between to get the order you prefer.

  • I'm not sure how to toggle to the stock Touch Bar when a certain app is open, but I'm 99% sure that it's possible to do.

Cheers and happy tweaking :smile:


To disable the Touch Bar for a specific app you would add that app to BTT and make an app-specific override:


Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg. Did you make any progress on disabling control, option, command, and shift(?) modifier key behavior when the app-specific override is in effect? I'm still seeing BTT-GC modified touch bars show when I press a modifier key in my app-specific IntelliJ (rather than seeing the modified toolbar that IntelliJ provides when these modifiers are pressed). Thanks!


I've had a weird thing happen to the Date/Time widget today after updating from 2.636-3 to 2.639-4. After the update the Date/Time widget doesn't seem to detect the language of my System and displays the date in English. It's not a huge issue for me but I'm wondering what made the widget stop using the systems current language. :thinking: