GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

@GoldenChaos great work. Two thoughts for you:

  1. Like the microphone auto-display/auto-hide - I added two apps:
    if application "GoToMeeting" is running then return inputVolume
    if application "Slack" is running then return inputVolume

  2. The icon for the settings for GC-BTT settings doesn't show on the TouchBar for me. the button works but doesn't display the icon.

Hi there! Thanks a lot for so wonderful and functional preset.
I have a question.

What it the best way to customize it for myself with possibilities to update GoldenChaos-BTT and to add some icons from other sets? Do I need just to toggle visibility? Or it is better to remove actions by deleting to make BTT faster without unused code?

Are there any manual on this?

Playing some catchup! Sorry for the brief absence, I'm back now :slight_smile:

@simplypro @ChrisLaw did a great job answering your question, but if you're still confused let me know and I'll make a little guide with screenshots!

@bhw the blue icons are all in base64 text inside the volume up button's script. You could convent them back to images, change their color to red in your preferred image editor, then _re_convert them back to base64 and replace them in the volume up button. IMO it's not worth the effort, but if you are very determined to have something all-red then it is technically possible! The code (with base64 images inside) is here:

@adam2780 I'll add GoToMeeting in the next experimental version! As for Slack, it was that way in previous versions, but I felt that since the call feature of Slack is less used there wasn't a reliable way for me to know if a user actually needed the mic mute button in Slack. I wonder if there's a way for me to detect that Slack is on a call? Or, even better, that the microphone is in use...

@Cooluck the best way is first to use the built-in GC-BTT settings menu (cmd+opt+shift+p). Every setting set through that menu will persist between upgrades. There is no need to deleted "unused" widgets or widgets that you've turned off, since they won't run in the background or anything (I've made sure of it).

If you want to do deeper customizations, such as adding whole bits of functionality or altering the UI, I recommend making your own separate preset and augmenting GC-BTT inside your separate preset. This way, when you upgrade GC-BTT you won't remove your custom widgets. (In the same vein, if you want to modify a GC-BTT widget, you can copy it into your own preset and uncheck visibility of the GC-BTT one. But note that your copy won't obey any settings set through the settings menu.)

I'm slowly building up an FAQ but I will also make sure to eventually include some deep customization tips/instructions. No date on that, but it'll arrive sooner or later!

Finally! A question for @Andreas_Hegenberg - did you get the chance to look into my initialization question? I really, really want to solve that ASAP and get a stable version out.

Greetings @GoldenChaos and @yuuiko. Excited to have some multi-monitor support for the window management.

Is it possible that the multiple monitor management can know which monitor you are on? I have 3 monitors, if I'm on my 3rd monitor, farthest to the right, the popup shows it as the middle monitor, and if I want to push something to the 1st monitor, farthest to the left, I actually have to use the one on the left in the interface.

I'm sure the current method accounts for the most dynamic configurations, but it feels a bit unintuitive. Is it possible for it to borrow the display arrangement from the Mac settings? I made a quick image as maybe that makes more sense:

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@GoldenChaos Thanks for a detailed answer, I used built-in Settings menu of course, but need more customizations. For example, I don't need time at all but need lock button on the right, prefer when click on playing song works as play/pause and leave only next song, without previous. Also, I want to add Mission Control on the main bar.

But when I created my preset with lock button and without key modifiers it is situated not on the right side, but before GC-BTT right panel

As I understand, I need to make a complete copy of GC-BTT to my preset to move the button. Am I right?

Hi @peripatew,

Unfortunatley I don't know of a way to 'dynamically' detect the current monitor the cursor is on, so I can't do this at the moment. I have only found a way to detect how many monitors there are, and thats it.

We had a chat about this with @Andreas_Hegenberg over at the window snapping preset thread, with the context of someone having a vertical setup, and this is what he said:

I've had an idea for skirting around this issue for a while now, but I haven't had time to build it yet. I'm thinking of wholesale replacing the left/right monitor grids with simple arrow buttons that move the currently selected window as-is to the monitors either to the immediate left or right.

I think this ends up being more intuitive because you won't ever get confused about what UI element resizes the window and what UI element moves the window.

I'll prioritize this once I've got initialization of the settings menu working!

You don't need to copy all of GC-BTT, just the button you want to customize! Make sure to hide that button in GC-BTT (if you don't want it to appear where it was) by unchecking the button's visibility checkbox. You can then position your copy wherever you like inline with GC-BTT's buttons. It's possible to have multiple presets coexisting simultaneously this way! :slight_smile:

This way, when you upgrade GC-BTT you'll only need to uncheck visibility for those buttons again. Your copies will be unaffected by upgrading by being in a separate preset!

EDIT: One final tip - many of the widgets in my preset are ordered using the "Display Order" property, which lets you manually set what order the buttons appear in regardless of where they're dragged inside the BTT preferences window. This could be why your lock button is not appearing in the right spot, even if you dragged it to the "correct" spot in BTT preferences. So make sure you give your widget a display order number corresponding to where you'd like it to appear - you can check the other widgets' display order numbers to get a sense for how they're ordered, it's pretty neatly organized I'd like to think :slight_smile:

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Gotcha. Thanks for the detailed response. Testing it a bit more today, I had my cursor on the middle screen, but was working on an app on my left screen. When I launched the window switcher, the controls were on the middle screen, and it broke my brain in terms of what I should select! I got it wrong a few times before going back to my keyboard shortcuts.

No complaining necessarily, just sharing my experience a bit more with the UX. Would love to get it smoothed out. :smiley: @GoldenChaos

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If you didn’t pick it up, think of the smaller switchers on either side as “move to the left/right” instead of representing the actual displays. Maybe that’ll sort your brain out a little bit :wink:

the middle will always snap to the current display, left: one to the left, right: one to the right.

Unfortunatley if you try move to the right on the rightmost display itll loop back and go to the leftmost display which is a little confusing, but it wasn’t in my control.

maybe it will be good to refine the idle state of the monitor palletes. My original idea was to have them as a little circular token thing with a chevron/triangle arrow inside, when you mouseover them the centre pallete moves over but the icon stays on top of it. I didn’t know how to implement it though so here’s what we got today.

I quite like being able to choose how to snap to another monitor as opposed to just “move to the other monitor” though!

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Oh, I know how to do that! I’ll give that idea a shot :grimacing:

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I recently performed a clean install of macOS and sync'd my BTT settings from presets. For some reason, my two finger slide to adjust volume trigger no longer works. Cleared the preset, tried a download from new (to latest experimental version) and it still doesn't work. Three finger brightness adjustment remains functional.

Any ideas as to what might be going on? Thanks!

I can confirm the two-finger volume gesture not working on my current working version. However, the gesture property is set correctly.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I think this one's a bug.

Is it enabled? Previous versions may have ignored the enabled property for gestures. Maybe I should enable them for all existing presets/setups.

@GoldenChaos great job with this, it shows what the TB is capable of. As a future feature request I'd like to have the Macbook's battery available. This would be very useful when running apps in full screen mode and there is to menu bar at the top of the screen.

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I'm absolutely working on adding this. I know it seems crazy that I don't already have it there, haha. I just need to make my own battery icons to make the built-in widget look nicer :slight_smile:

It is disabled - so yes, definitely forcibly enable them in a future update and don't allow them to be disabled! Previous versions did ignore this setting which is why I had them "disabled".

Oddly, the brightness gestures are also disabled, but they work fine. But... easier to just not have that setting at all since they don't appear on the Touch Bar anyway.

I got various complaints from people who wanted to be able to disable one set of gestures :slight_smile:

Well, just in case you don't force them to be enabled in a future version, I've corrected it locally :slight_smile:

Hi, just a quick feedback: the settings window is still bit buggy for me (v. 2.814) - it seems to doesn't save the settings every time I reopen it but the settings are actually set.

e.g. the switch for volume mute will go on 'off' in the setting panel while it is still working on the TB
It is buggy for several items.

Also, thanks for your preset and your updates - I really like it!

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