GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

This WOULD be the solution if those buttons weren’t placeholders :frowning:

Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t expose those functions. I made those buttons as placeholders in case I ever figure out how to make it work, which is why they’re unchecked by default. I think I’ll just remove them in the next version, this isn’t the first time their presence has confused someone into thinking they actually work.

Welp that explains it. I just assumed they were still buggy or something. I thought they weren't placeholders since there were other working features in that drop down list lol

Hey! The latest Mojave release FINALLY fixed Duet Display. So now I can use the touchbar through my iPad when at home on my docked multiscreen setup. HURRAY!

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Oh man, finally. It was getting really frustrating not having a touchscreen way to use the Touch Bar when my MBP's clamshell was closed. Duet isn't ideal, but at least it's working again.

@Andreas_Hegenberg would adding Touch Bar mirroring to BTT remote be possible? Add in a Mac-style software keyboard and I would use my iPad Pro as my primary keyboard.

Proof that I'm actually doing things! :open_mouth: working caffeinate menu bar button with custom icons:

Things that will be finished before the next release (because they're already half-implemented):

  • Dock badges will not show if DND is enabled
  • Option to disable the CMD app switcher

Shouldn't be too long now :smile:

The new experimental version is out! If you haven't, please subscribe to the release thread. I'll be getting to the actual experimental stuff next :slight_smile:

This is the last time I'll post about the availability of a release in here! Thanks everyone :smile:


Just upgraded by doing the following:

Opened BTT, unchecked the previous stable version in the Manage Presets window, then directly imported the new version via the website. I opened the settings panel and tapped "Reapply Settings" . Nothing happened.

I had to remove both presets entirely, download the json file, import it and reconfigure from scratch.

What was I doing incorrectly?

You need to remove the old version completely first; unfortunately having two GC-BTTs installed will cause conflicts, even if one of them is disabled.

However, you actually can still upgrade! Your settings are stored inside BTT itself, meaning they don't get removed when you delete GC-BTT. You should be able to use "Reapply Settings" now that you've done a fresh import, and it will still detect your old settings :slight_smile:

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Fantastic. Ok, When your next experimental version is out I will give that a try! I do feel that people (including me!!!) have trouble with the preset, not because of you, but because they/I are a little unsure of the little details like that.

Thanks for the update though! Glad it's back in motion! :slight_smile:

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I remember that @Andreas_Hegenberg was working on a "replace existing preset" option for importing so that users wouldn't have to delete their existing GC-BTT first, but I'm not sure what happened to it.

Good job on the last update!

I'm curious as to how you go the DND sensing to work. Which trigger is setting the variable?

Also craaazyy settings system there. I could learn a few things from it I guess. I'd like to note though that BTT gets very laggy while restoring settings. Maybe needs optimisation?
Suggestion: that restore option is a little... whoa-. Maybe you could merge it all into one single applescript, triggering the seperate additional actions from the script instead of by running each action? Not sure if this'll optimise it any more or not but maybe try it out

It's in the DND button in the Option Menu! Basically instead of the script returning true or false, it sets the variable first and then returns the value of the variable, that way the button itself is powered by the value of the variable (which is a good way to confirm that it works). If you have never pressed the button before, it assumes DND is off. This also means that it doesn't use the system control to determine DND status, but neither does BTT so it's consistent in that way. So, at least for now, you have to invoke DND via the button in GC-BTT for it to work. The next step is to add a persistent listener, but that adds a performance hit so I want to test it first.

After that, I hand-edited each badge to wrap it in an if statement that checks the DND variable (a pain but totally worth it). So, if you have a dock badge enabled, it will check the DND variable first before it decides to display anything. If DND is enabled, it returns empty.

Re: performance, it's about as performant as it can get without crashing the app. When I originally made the preset script it was as one massive AppleScript, and it ended up just freezing BTT. Since there was no way to track the progress, I originally had assumed the app crashed, but it turns out it was just taking a really long time. That's how I came up with the idea for the progress bar in the first place, so that the user would have some visual indication that BTT was actually doing something. It doesn't take any longer with the progress bar, actually!

I don't know if there's a way around actually going through each of the steps to restore settings, but it probably won't ever take any longer to load presets at least.

Ah, thats all cool and all.

I see a hole though, if you set DND from the notification centre it probably won't switch the variable. My method with a persistent listener seems to be working well and doesn't add that much CPU usage, but then again on my preset most of the widgets are segmented out into App/CAgroups which cut CPU usage by a lot.

Currently typing on this site my BTT preset is at 2.5 - 5% cpu at idle. I have various safari widgets running (about three that are listening to the website) and about 9 notification widgets on, +1 for the DND handler. My Control Strip highlighting scripts are also running, there are two of them. Seems okay for me here, the DND handler isn't adding much usage.

2-5% CPU usage - not touching the bar, Running:
3x Safari Widgets (3 more segmented in CAGroups and are not active)
2x ControlStrip widgets
9x Notification Widgets
1x DND handler

I can pretty much say that the persistent DND handler is working fine. It'll probably be safe to try it out. Also, you wouldn't need the DND button to flick the variable, (which can also be a problem if it didn't change the actual DND but changed the variable) and it'll know the DND from the notification centre as well.

Also small tip:
I don't know if this is a placebo or whatever, but writing applescripts like this:

tell application "BetterTouchTool" to do something

seems much faster to run than:

tell application "BetterTouchTool" 
    do something
end tell

Seems to work decently well, I'm relying on these to run my haptics engine. They check wheather BTT's haptic variables are on (using shell defaults read) and also checks a BTT variable (checks if the user has haptics on in settings) before producing a click, and they're pretty fast. You can probably tell that I need them to be fast to prevent the clicks from being delayed.

Implemented in the latest experimental version!

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BTT was consuming a lot of energy, I tried to make changes by downloading the latest version and deleting previous presets and somehow I lost most of my configurations of version 2.660 that was working great. However, in Library/Applications Support/BetterTouchTool folder I have the files btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968, btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-shm and btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-wal. Can I use them to restore my old configuration?
Thank you!!

These files will be loaded automatically if you start version 2.660

I am using 2.660 now. Do the files btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968, btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-shm and btt_data_store.version_2_660_build_0968-wal contain a compilation of all presets I was using at that point? It seems like I could restore only part of the configurations

Yes, they contain all presets :-/
Maybe it was already broken when you were on 2.660?

First of all:
GC-BTT is awesome. Thank you so much!!!

I'm wondering if there is any easy solution to bring back the favicons when you open a new tab?
It's the only feature I'm missing so far because its a feature of Apple Standard Touchbar UI (it's worth to call it like this? :smiley: )
Does anybody have an idea?