GoldenChaos-BTT Support and Feedback Thread

AirPods so good, you don't even taste them. Mr Chaos, it is time I compensate you for your time. Thanks for all of your hard work.

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:thinking: Still no luck on my end. I haven't edited the AirPods name from default - "Kristian's AirPods" - but changed “The Temmke Flakes” anyway to check but nothing. Hit the button then left it waiting for a few minutes but no connection.

Literally as I was typing this, a thought has occurred to me and it seems to have solved the problem! I had the settings set to hide Bluetooth from the menu bar. Once I set it to show again, it connects no problem! No idea that would an issue, but if anyone else has the same problem this should solve it!

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort put into this. I do not use the entire preset, rather I sort of pick and choose the stuff I want to include for my own personal preset. At any rate... enjoy the coffee money! :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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Turns out you need to turn on both BT and Sound on the menu bar. I was struggling with the BT commands until I turned them both on and then it worked.

Great tool, thanks for developing and maintaining it! One quick request: would it be possible to add "MailMate" among supported mail clients (by far the best one :slightly_smiling_face: ) for unread messages? That would be great. Thanks!

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It's easy to do this, just copy a widget and change the app within it's code to your app name that's displayed in the dock. Do rememebr to do the same for the predifined action and relevant settings like the name, colour and icon.

@GoldenChaos, in AQT I provided a 'template' notification badge which allows users to change one variable and thus set it to their own apps.

Basically make an "AppName" variable which is easy to change.

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I'll make sure to add MailMate for the next release :slight_smile:

I'm moving this weekend, so I probably won't have time to respond - but I'll be back on Monday and with a new version! Cheers everyone :smile:



@GoldenChaos, having a (persistent/externally defined?) variable for specifying the Bluetooth name of a general-purpose sound device, e.g. AirPods, but I have a JamBox (so I have to customize my copy of the script), would be a great addition.


possibly an applescript alert textbox (forgot what its actually named) that writes to a BTT variable?

I’d love to learn how to make this type of stuff for my own preset! textinput-able widgets and stuff...

that would also be great to capture the mail account for my earlier script around the calendar widget enhancements (enhancements IMHO at least)...

I too have been looking to figure out a way to prompt users for text (which I'd then save as a variable in BTT). I'll look into whether this is possible on Monday :smile: should enable this kind of customization!


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Feature suggestion: a sticky button to bring up a note taking app with one touch (Notes, Evernote, OneNote). Next step: make the choice of note taking app a GoldenChaos-BTT preference. (I'd assume 99.9% of people would be covered with just three choices: [Apple] Notes, EverNote, and [Microsnot] OneNote.

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And Bear! Don’t forget the best choice!

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Hi @GoldenChaos, first I'd like to congratulate you for the amazing work you've done with this preset.

My question is : I'm currently editing your preset to make it fit my personal use and I cannot understand how you make the "Settings" part works. I want to add my own settings. Can you explain me how to do that please ?

Thank you.

What about a new type of Dock Badge that acts solely as a launcher when enabled (and doesn't actually check the dock so don't have any performance overhead)? Then you could just enable any note taking app badges you want stickied :slight_smile: I'll add ones for a bunch of note taking apps in the next version.

@Guillaume_Ortega settings are fairly complex and involve multiple scripts that set and check certain setting variables. My recommendation is to make a GC-BTT preset (by copying and editing one of the two provided presets) that customizes it to your liking and contains the code for your additional customizations, this way you can reapply those changes with each new GC-BTT version.

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@GoldenChaos ok thanks I'll try to do it and see if it fits to my use

im unable to edit any settings from the CMD+OPTION+SHIFT+P.
is there any special procedure to follow while importing or am i missing sth?

edit: fixed it, made a new preset named "Default" and made it primary.

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@GoldenChaos I'd love to see the uv index next to the weather icon. Is there a way I can add it? I was looking through the source file and it doesn't seem to be easily editable. The darksky api has uv index so it should definitely be straightforward to add.

Thanks this is appreciated. FYI if you add MailMate to the next release in the straightforward way, you might need to enable an experimental feature of MailMate for it to work (see:

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