GoldenChaos-BTT macOS Big Sur 11 Compatibility Thread

With the magic of having two devices, I'm able to update only one of them to Big Sur, and I will be testing GC and BTT on that machine immediately :smiley: Please use this thread to report compatibility issues! I may also share special test builds here that I don't want to release more widely.

With lots of changes to the menu bar and Notification Center in Big Sur I think this is going to be a killer GC update :smiley:

First compatibility update! So far, I actually haven't encountered any issues, and everything seems to be working properly. There's no way that's possible so I will keep hitting GC with a hammer until something breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Found my first Beeg Sur bug :smiley: handoff badges are not showing up. This is probably because the location of handoff dock icons has moved from the left of the dock over into the "recent apps" section. Not sure if that means some other shenanigans are afoot behind the scenes @Andreas_Hegenberg!

Probably the way to access the handoff items has changed. I'll look into that :slight_smile:
Apart from that, most BTT functionality seems to work out of the box, which is quite cool.

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following :eyes:

I only have one mac which i do use for my work so I think i'd need some help here

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You can dual-boot or virtualize Big Sur :smiley: pretty sure Parallels supports it!

Do you encounter the bug that clicking menubar icons causes Big Sur return to login window in parallel?

Don't think i have enough free disk space for it :cry:, I'll probably do a fresh catalina install after my next AQT, spring cleaning is long due

Agreed. Thanks, Andreas.

Menu Bar Icon does not work and Teams notifications also.

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