GoldenChaos-BTT development updates + roadmap

Development update! I've got most of the issues fixed, but in doing so uncovered a significant issue with the way I save custom settings that I need to work out. Here's the current progress:

Dev Complete:

  • Volume mute menu bar item toggle crashes BTT (fixed by BTT 3.563)
  • Toggle System Touch Bar UI in menu bar not working
  • Need correct preset screenshots
  • Custom settings not saved on upgrade (wiped out by switching presets)

Still working on:

  • Not all custom settings are saved when the "Custom Settings" preset is applied
  • Battery percentage toggle switch is not working

Once I get those last two issues fixed I'll release this version!

GC 3.563 is now out with all the fixes! :smiley:

Thanks for addressing the bugs with the new release. A question and a suggestion:

I noticed that most triggers that were copied over to my master preset were preserved after the update, so I just needed to manually turn off the corresponding GC triggers. However, this process did not work under "All Apps" on the Touch Bar Settings Page. I tried to copy over changes made in the "Calendar Action" model widget or "Dock" widget group, but the Calendar and Dock widgets saved in my master preset got wiped out after the upgrade. Is this expected behavior – perhaps there is a difference between actions and widgets?

For future updates, is it possible to publish the SHA-256 hash so we can be sure of the integrity of the download? Basically something along the line of the "verify code signature" instruction on the BTT download page.

Surprisingly, I have actually never tested copying widgets that are inside folders. Maybe just copy the whole folder (disabling, not deleting, the original after you copy it) and customize your copy from there. My guess is that the folders are just getting replaced during the upgrade. Let me know if that does the trick!

I really like the idea of providing the SHA-256 hash, so I’ll actually do that retroactively for the existing files as well. Not sure precisely when but it’s up on the list under In Progress so sometime soon :slight_smile:

Copying the entire folders did not work. These folders are actually shown as disabled in GC itself. If I copy them over to the master preset, they are not recognized by GC whether or not I disable the actual widgets in GC. I tried enabling/disabling the entire folders in GC and master presets, but it did not help either.

Since I only have a couple of changes to track in these widgets, I can live with it. It is great that all changes to other actions can be easily copied and saved.

Hi, Amazing app! I now love my touchbar which I used to find worthless. I especially love the tiling feature, as it allows me to tile windows efficiently similarly to the auto tiling feature of Pop! OS, the main Linux distro I use. Any chance you could incorporate the same auto tiling functionality for this app? Then I would like to work on my Macbook as much as my Linux machine! here is the GitHub repository of the open-source code for their auto tiling shell.

Thanks so much for making this its amazing.

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