GoldenChaos-BTT Anki Support

Huge fan of your touchbar!

I am a medical student in the U.S., and like many other medical students I rely heavily on a flash card-based application called Anki. If you are looking to add more features for the TouchBar, I was hoping you would consider looking into making a Dock Badge for the application with a marker for the amount of cards still left in the deck.

Additionally, I have been working on a BTT Touchbar that is app-specific for the program, but I am by no means a coder and it is quite terrible. I was curious if you would be interested in making an app-specific aspect as well. If you would take on this task, I would be more than happy to help you with what would be useful on the TouchBar. I think you can get A TON of medical students to download this Touchbar just for the Anki-specific features.

Thanks again for making such a great tool! I use it everyday.

I can definitely add a dock badge for Anki in the next experimental version!

As for expanded app support, that'll come sooner or later - more likely it will be the focus of the next stable version after the one I'm working on now :slight_smile: I will make sure I have it on my list to make a strip and menu bar item for Anki!

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From one med student to another, feel free to use the groups from my Preset too! If @GoldenChaos wants to use stuff, feel free too do so for sure! The Anki group even contains an Apple Script based Pomodoro, so you don't need to install extra stuff (I still wonder why my script works but it does).
Permanent/part-time/mixed solution. Setup's explained in the Dropdown menu (you need to install two extensions in order to make the Edit group work)!

Question - you found out how to display remaining cards for Anki on the Dock icon? :thinking:

I had no idea this existed. Thank you I will check it out and let uk how I like it!

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