going crazy trying to setup even a basic floating menu

I have been using BTT for years and like it very much. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to create a floating menu.

I find bits or. instructions here and there. Where can I find some kind of instructions on how to setup a floating menu: how to define with which app or which Keyboard Shortcut trigger it displays, how to create menu items, etc

All I found was the following which answers none of those questions.

thanks in advance for your time and help


Maybe have a look at the video here: Floating Menu & Desktop Widgets · GitBook

It's a bit outdated now, but the basics still apply

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thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg and my apologies for the tone of my post. Now that I am better understanding (since my post) the floating menus, I see that they are fantastic.
From a user point of view, the millions of floating menu options are a bit confusing.

I know :wink:

Upcoming versions will make it a bit easier, and maybe add an advanced mode with all options

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