Global trigger only works when BTT is "in focus"

Describe the bug
I'm using BTT because I want button 3 (the left "side" button) on my Dell mouse to trigger a custom key sequence (command-option-O) that then triggers an Apple Shortcut which pastes the contents of my clipboard into a specified note. I have it set to "All Apps," so I expected it to work globally.

For some reason, the process only works when either BTT or the Apple Shortcuts app is "in focus." The process does not work when any other application is in focus. I don't have this issue with any of the other Global actions I've set up in BTT. They work universally.

Affected input device:
Normal mouse (Dell bluetooth); Keyboard


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: 2019 MacBook Pro 16"
  • macOS version: 12.4
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.068 (2283)

Additional Information

  • Tried using a different key sequence in BTT and Apple Shortcuts. Problem persists.
  • Tried switching to a keyboard shortcut. Problem persists.