Glidin through Application Switcher anintuitiv


I like to switch programs through the Application Switcher.
• For that I use "4 Finger Swipe Up Action: Application Switcher".
• Without any further lift I glide through the applications via two fingers-gliding gesture.

There it occures that swiping from left to right toggles through the apps aswell from left to right. But sliding from down to up does the opposite with the apps. While my forearm lies diagonal to the trackpad, the moving-direction of two-finger-gliding goes from down-left to top-right. This causes contradicting directions in the app-selection.

It would be nice to change the moving-direction here for the gesture swiping-from-down-to-up.

While this is a problem for be right-handed, all is fine right now for the use of the left hand :slight_smile:

A second minor "problem":

Mooving fast while gliding through the apps with two fingers needs more movent
than mooving slow. So, the opposite as with the mouse-cursor.

I know, nothing of importance...