Getting system info without a helper app

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Utils: Getting temperature, usage, battery data without installing istats with powermetrics

Problem: Current btt widget Touch Bar iStats needs istats ruby gem. Use macOS native util, no 3rd party installation.

Solution: powermetrics

sudo powermetrics --show-all

All sensors data, natively

  • Running tasks
  • Battery and backlight usage
  • Network activity
  • Disk activity
  • Interrupt Sources
  • Device Power States
  • Interrupt distribution
  • Processor usage
  • GPU usage
  • SMC sensors
  • Thermal pressure
  • Selective Forced Idle
  • I/O Throttling
Gaming Widget: Show Counter-Strike: Global Offensive HUD in Touch Bar

WIP v0.0.1:

Problem: Proxy data to BetterTouchTool and update widget without Node.js


Connected feature request: 9676

Diffrent ways of integration:

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